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The worst examples of God (according to the Bible)

Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios (Según la Biblia)




© Pepe Rodríguez

© Temas de Hoy, Barcelona, 2008.

 Libro "Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios (Según la Biblia)"

The worst examples of God (according to the Bible)

The Bible, as affirmed by the Christians, is the "word of God", the expression of his will and the only radiography of "his" personality. Starting from such a dogmatic affirmation, the author confronts the main biblical translations and he reviews Bible verses to show the real god that glorifies Christianity while exposing behavioral patterns and norms that such god approved and passed into law. The result of such analysis is devastating.

The author introduces, comments and contextualizes the literacy of biblical texts. Above all, he analyzes the very "word of God" present in all stories and passages - all inadmissible at any time and place of history - with accounts overwhelming in massacres, assassinations, violence and vexations perpetrated against innocents, be those adults or minors; violations and rape against women that are humiliated from the basic and almost pornographic texts; the despise of the children, sons and daughters, and events that give honor to cowards, liars, adulterers, xenophobes, assassins and traitors, all enthroned as Biblical heroes. The reader will also discover how some well-known biblical stories were manipulated in order to hide the original story that placed God as the only responsible of many evitable and useless tragedies.

The God that flourishes after a Bible lecture is very far away from the righteous figure that is lying in the collective imagination, because he becomes contradictive, arbitrary and cruel; legislator of terrible mandates, as well as passive and complacent at unacceptable actions that would become cornerstones and basis for such shameful and persisting behaviors, like the discrimination against women or xenophobia.

This book shows what is contained in every Bible and only a few are able to read, this is, texts (and presumed facts) able to horrify anyone, acts attributed to God that became cradle of Western culture. Ths is not about analyzing myths, but rather showing the worst examples inherited from the biblical god.

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Please note about the translation done above:

This "free translation for my friends" was produced by Ana Maria Ravines de Schur in appreciation of the research work done by Friend Pepe, and his loving kindness as a friend and human being. The translator does not endorse or oppose any of the views represented in Pepe's book.

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